Breathing can tell a lot about an individual’s health.

Breath analysis has shown that in the human breath are present – in addition to elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and inert gases – of “volatile organic compounds" (VOCs), that is the traces of metabolic processes which occur inside the body and which are expelled through exhalation (metabolic approach).

A careful analysis of the breath allows you to identify the individual elements (markers) and to associate the specific mixtures of these metabolites (patterns) with certain pathologies.
In perspective, any disease that modifies the metabolic pattern of the breath can be diagnosed through Mistral.

To date, more than 3,400 individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been identified.


Science needs you and your breath: a simple breath is enough to contribute to research for the early diagnosis of diseases, including cancer.

It is a very simple and quick gesture that takes place anonymously, extremely precious to continue along the path of breath analysis, for the benefit of all.


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