Research never stops: Predict at the 2019 Breath Summit

The 2019 Breath Summit this time takes place in Loughborough, UK.
The annual event devoted to breathomics, i.e. the breath research branch for non-invasive diagnostics, is the reference point for professionals from all over the world who meet for a comparison on its methods, technologies and applications.
At last year’s Maastricht summit, Predict illustrated the first results of the research project Inside Breath, which was already at an advanced stage and which gave birth to MISTRAL, the portable device currently available on the market for breath analysis and diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
Also this year, in view of the imminent start of the clinical trial that will involve MISTRAL, the Predict team will participate in the event, within the East Midlands Breathomics Pathology Node at the University of Loughborough.

A rich work path

These are the topics on the universe of breath research that will be addressed in the four days of the summit (here follows the complete program):

  • Breath analysis as a diagnostic and monitoring methodology;
  • The phenotyping of patients through complete analysis of breath, metabolomics and profiling;
  • The endogenous formation of volatile metabolites through the study of cellular and bacterial in vitro systems;
  • Quality assurance and control relating to every aspect of breath research, from initial design to sampling and analysis, data processing and statistical interpretation;
  • The latest developments in analytical technologies and their applications.

These represent complex themes on which to converge approaches and very different experiences, too. Not by chance, the acronym of the theme chosen for this edition is TEAM, which stands for Together Everyone Achieves: together we all win. And if health is at stake, victory is even more rewarding.

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